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This is a remarkable video of a D5 procedure done in our Atlanta office.

Mr. Kendricks was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit and spent 26 years incarcerated because of this. Thanks to the Innocence Project®, his conviction was overturned and he's a free man.
Mr. Kendricks came to our Atlanta D5 implant center in pain and suffering from many broken, failing or missing teeth. When Dr. Melody Schiffer, clinical head of our Atlanta D5 facility heard about the injustice done to Mr. Kendricks she decided to help.
In just 1 week, Mr. Kendricks had permanent upper and lower custom zirconia teeth, not temporaries. Mr. Kendricks now has the freedom to smile and eat foods properly. He is pain free for the first time in years. D5 centers want to thank Dr. Schiffer and her remarkable team in Atlanta for helping Mr. Kendricks!

For Many, D5 Delivers a Beautiful Permanent Smile in 1 week for Zirconia!

(Our timeframes refer from surgery to insertion of permanent teeth)

When it comes to new permanent teeth, there's really only one place to call... D5 Ultra Express

We have proudly helped thousands of patients achieve smiles that brought new meaning to their lives
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Enjoying life with a beautiful smile

Thirty-year old Brandon has a lot to smile about now. At age 19, Brandon was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chemotherapy treatments caused his teeth to decay rapidly until they were no longer functional.

Brandon is now cancer-free, able to eat normally and with a lot to smile about with his new set of D5 teeth.

“I’m still getting used to not having to hide my teeth. In a way, I really had to learn how to smile again.”Brandon

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Strength, Longevity And Beautiful Aesthetics

Increase confidence and look younger with D5 Teeth! Each D5 hybrid is custom designed for each patient by highly experienced dental computer designers.

all on 6 teeth implants

Before & After photos of upper and lower teeth reconstruction.