Featuring only Prettau® registered zirconia imported from Italy, known for it's stunning esthetics and strengh. One of the world's most expensive makers of zirconia.

D5 ULTIMATE Zirconia Technique

For the most Discerning Client


  • Day 1- Consultation and Records
  • Day 2- Surgery and Digital Records
  • Day 3- Try-in of 3D printed teeth and bite adjustments scanned to lab
  • Day 5- Custom nanoceramic implant bridge inserted

Healing Period- 3 Months

Visit 1: Design re-consultation to see if client wants any design changes and digital records

Visit 2: Insertion of custom two-piece ultimate restoration consisting of individual crowns bonded to Tecno Med bar. Features Prettau® Anterior® Zirconia from Zirkon Zahn. This is their Ultimate esthetic Zirconia for individual crowns imported from Italy. We spend on average two weeks designing, milling, layering and staining the crowns. Only after this are they ready to be bonded to Tecno Med substructure. This Tecno Med base is designed to absorb biting forces to help protect implants from biting forces.

This is truly our “ULTIMATE” implant bridge based on thirty years’ experience of providing implant supported bridges for clients.